Cannon Films - Promo

Our name is Cannon Films and we’re here to point a bazooka filled with questionable entertainment options right at your dick.

Wendy O Williams - U68 PSA

"If it’s not clean enough to put in your mouth, don’t take it home and sleep with it."

Oh Shit, Is That Kim Stockwood? Ranking The Tracks On Now! 2 (Canadian Edition) From Best To Worst


I bring very little to the table as a human being aside from my DYNAMIC SLAM POETRY about assorted varieties of Cheetos, but that doesn’t mean I’m not trying to make the world a better place. As a public service, I’ve re-listened to the Canadian gas station cassette shop staple Now! 2 and have carefully ranked the tracks from Best to Worst.

(User Guide: The top entry is the Very Best and the bottom entry ranks as the Very Worst.)

Okay. It’s time to stop living in the past and start living in the Now! 2. Let’s get Freak Nasty.

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R.E.M. featuring Muppet Kate Pierson - Furry Happy Monsters

Muppet Kate Pierson has me totally smitten.

Everybody Get Random: #3


Who needs arson and heroin when you have pointless blog exercises to engage in? Answer: Cool people that can rock a sweet pair of shades.

(Additional fun: My friends James Ostime and Darren Springer and Miguel Noriega have also embarked on their own random track adventures. Check ‘em out! They’re delightful human beings you want at your next pizza party.)

Here’s another go-around of Everybody Get Random.

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The Marmalade Is So Ladylike!: Ranking The MTV VMA Video Of The Year Winners From Best To Worst


The MTV Video Music Awards unveiled this year’s nomination slate on Thursday. (The noms were announced via Snapchat so digitalkids on their hoverboards got laserjazzed about this year’s broadcast.) To mark the occasion, I thought it would be fun to revisit every MTV VMA Video of the Year winner and rank the clips from best to worst.

Honestly, I’m surprised there’s still a Video of the Year Moonman that’s given out. I assumed it was changed to the “Viacom & Claire’s #SoNoToCyberbullying Interactive You’re A Superstar Gold Cluster” back in 2011.

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Everybody Get Random: Round 2 (Fire & Rescue)


I had a lot of fun knocking out that Everybody Get Random post. So much so that I’ve decided to do it again. That’s right, Dr. Nincompoop is back on the song trolley! Let’s get this self-indulgent party restarted.

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Michael McDonald - Sweet Freedom

The video for Michael McDonald’s “Sweet Freedom” has a lot of magical moments, but I’m obsessed with the awesome lady wearing shades that appears at the 0:55 part of the promo. She is a treasure and a delight. I want to read her novel, watch her films and help her with errands.